Hey Anti-Gunners: When the Death Squads Come for YOU, How Will You STOP Them? (Video)

Wednesday, April 04, 2018 by

When the government death squads come for YOUR loved ones, how will you stop them? The answer, of course, is the Second Amendment.

Podcast Transcript: “I posted an article the other day that has received a very strong positive response. The article asks the question to those student anti-gun protesters, ‘When the government death squads come for your loved ones, how will you stop them?’ See this is the most important question that no one’s daring to ask about gun rights versus gun control. It was very easy for people to say that nobody should have a gun and that all gun violence would stop, but in fact what they’re arguing for is that guns be monopolized by the government itself. If you look at history, government’s – when they control a monopoly of power – very frequently become dangerous to radical regimes and carry out mass murder via death squads. It’s happened so many times throughout history that anyone who isn’t aware of that is historically illiterate. It’s happened in the Cultural Revolution. It’s happened with the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. It’s happened in Fidel Castro’s Cuba. It’s happened under Josef Stalin and Russia. It happened under numerous regimes throughout Central and South America over the years. You could even argue that it happened in America when the Native American Indians were not armed with guns, but the colonizing forces were. So, you can’t argue that that doesn’t happen it happens so frequently and repeatedly that it is a mainstay of human history the truth is that concentration of power or absolute power usually results in absolute Tyranny…” Listen to the full podcast below:

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Hey anti-gunners: When the death squads come for YOU, how will you STOP them? from NaturalNews on Vimeo.

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