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The Health Ranger explains why liberty will prevail against tyranny.

Podcast Transcript: “Even as the attacks against Liberty have never been more severe, I have never felt more confident that Liberty will prevail. It’s astonishing. It’s very interesting to me that we’ve got all these attacks on censorship of free speech, the globalist trying to destroy things, the entire corporate run media trying to steal the midterm elections, the tech giant’s – Google, Facebook and YouTube – all trying to crush Liberty and crush free speech, all these left-wing politicians trying to take away your second Amendment rights, and frankly, all your constitutional rights, and you’ve got these crazy left-wing people – the left-wing culture – that despises logic. They hate reality and they hate America. They they want to kill white people. It’s just like they hate the family, they hate men and yet despite all these insane attacks, Liberty is rising like never before. I believe it’s because of these attacks a lot of people who were middle-of-the-road, kind of sitting on the fence, maybe not even involved in politics or Liberty, they’re waking up and getting involved now, because they see what’s happening…” Listen to the full podcast below:

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