Hollywood’s REAL Goal Is to Normalize DEVIANT Behavior (Video)

Friday, October 06, 2017 by

The real goal of Hollywood is to “normalize” deviancy and push extreme, twisted narratives of the LGBT movement toward pedophilia, transanimalism and even necrophilia.

Podcast Transcript: “The real agenda of Hollywood, and the liberal movie producing industry, is to normalize the behavior that used to be considered deviant. This is the whole point. This is why every movie, every show, every sitcom, everything now has to push lesbian scenes, gay scenes and of course transgenderism. That is what it’s all about and Hollywood has to embed the messaging of that into every production. A great example – Netflix is in on this too. They’ve got a new series Ozark – I think Jason Bateman is one of the producers and the key star. Ozark goes full Brokeback Mountain all of a sudden just in the middle of the series. That’s when I stopped watching it, because all of a sudden – out of nowhere – the series just goes like suddenly gay. An FBI guy is making out with a gay redneck from the Ozarks. The message there is that what they’re trying to say is that, “everybody could be gay.” Well, you know I’ve never been against people being gay and having their own freedom to do what they want, but this… this is propaganda.” Listen to the full of the podcast below:

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Hollywood’s REAL goal is to normalize DEVIANT behavior from NaturalNews on Vimeo.


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