Bitcoin Apocalypse Predictions Coming TRUE! (Video)

Friday, September 15, 2017 by

The Bitcoin house of cards continues to collapse at an accelerating rate, now plunging from nearly $5000 to about $3200, wiping out more than $23 billion in “assets” that foolish people deluded themselves into thinking was real.

Podcast Transcript: “Well, it’s all started to hit the fan for Bitcoin exactly as I predicted. I mean exactly. I laid this out in podcast. You can check out my podcast website or you can see I said that governments of the world and central banks are going to start cracking down on Bitcoin, because they’re not going to sit back and just allow themselves to become obsolete. No government is going to be overrun – or allow itself to be overrun – by a crypto currency. Not gonna happen. Anybody who thinks that was going to happen is incredibly naive. I just have to use the word stupid, because you have to be stupid to think that you’re gonna make the central banks obsolete with a bunch of geeks, computer users and libertarians who are not old enough to understand how the world really works. So, here’s the news of what’s happening as of this recording. Bitcoin just experienced a twenty three billion dollar loss. It just vanished of course, because it didn’t exist in the first
place. There is no real value behind Bitcoin. It doesn’t own any assets. It doesn’t have anything. It’s a digital fiat currency. So, China announced that they’re gonna outlaw Bitcoin exchanges. Yeah. They’re just gonna basically criminalize them and then of course the price started to plummet. It’s gone down from almost five thousand dollars to under thirty five hundred dollars. So we’re talking about shedding a huge percentage – almost around twenty five percent and it could continue…” Listen to the full podcast below:

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