Investment SECRETS: Exponential Growth ALWAYS Crashes (Video)

Tuesday, September 12, 2017 by

The Health Ranger explains why exponential growth in anything — population, markets, Bitcoin prices, etc. — is unsustainable and must crash.

Podcast Transcript: “I’m going to share some very valuable financial wisdom here with you in just the next few minutes. Thank you for joining me Mike Adams, the Health Ranger with This can save you a ton of money and a lot of heartache. So, listen very closely. Number one: Understand that mathematically, exponential growth in any market is unsustainable. Period. There is no exception. Even in nature, there is no such thing as sustained exponential growth. ‘Why is that?’ Well, because exponential growth eventually becomes larger than everything. Have you ever heard that old fable…” Listen to the full podcast below:

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Investment SECRETS: Exponential growth ALWAYS crashes from NaturalNews on Vimeo.


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