Evergreen College Students Invoke TERRORISM Tactics (Video)

Monday, August 28, 2017 by

The Health Ranger covers the student TERRORISM uprising at Evergreen State College, where ethnic cleansing is now the new standard of education in America.

Podcast Transcript: “It’s so bizarre. Something weird keeps happening where every time I write a story about something it then materializes within hours – so bizarre. The thing (today) is that this Evergreen State College, the students, – I mean like the morning I recorded this, on a Friday, towards the end of May … I published a story, that I wrote (the night before), but the story said that universities are becoming training camps for left-wing violent extremism. By the way, my original title was that it was left-wing terrorism, but I thought maybe that’s a little too much – they not quite terrorists yet, they’re just extremists – so I changed it to extremism. That’s the title I published it with. Then that morning, again Friday morning right before Memorial Day weekend, the students of Evergreen State College have seized the campus. They are reportedly seeking hostages – yeah they are trying to take hostage white people – and they have begun conducting car to car searches to try and find this white professor…” Listen to the full podcast:

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Evergreen College Students Invoke TERRORISM Tactics from NaturalNews on Vimeo.


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