Univ. Of Maryland Announces FASCIST Student SNITCH Network (Video)

Sunday, August 27, 2017 by

The University of Maryland has just announced a fascist student SNITCH network modeled after the Third Reich’s Brownshirts. It’s all part of the new, insane, Left-wing “tolerance” totalitarianism.

Podcast Transcript: “The University of Maryland has just announced a student “Snitch Network.” They call it the anti-bias team, or something anti-bias task force I think. It’s made up of students and faculty whose job is to eavesdrop on other students conversations all over campus and report them to the college administrators if they speak words of bias. Now what is bias? Before we get into the parallels of this with the Third Reich, the brown shirts and all of that. What is bias according to a radical left-wing college campus? Well, bias is anything that the Left doesn’t agree with. So, you can of course you can attack Donald Trump, you can call for the killing of Donald Trump on a college campus and that’s not considered bias, or even hate speech. Right? That’s just considered resistance I guess. But if you say something like, “oh maybe we shouldn’t be killing third term babies who are born partially alive and then chop off their heads and harvest their organs.” If you say that then you’re accused of being anti-woman somehow which makes no sense of course. If you say that you don’t believe that transgenderism allows a biological man to transform into a woman, then all of a sudden – oh my god – that’s bias. Total bias. But if you were to say that you think people should kill white people, and that white people should be exterminated, and there should be mass genocide against white … that’s not considered bias on college campuses. That’s just considered the way things ought to be…” Listen to the full podcast below:

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Univ. of Maryland announces FASCIST student SNITCH network from NaturalNews on Vimeo.


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