Big Pharma’s ADDICTION Racket (Video)

Tuesday, June 27, 2017 by

The Health Ranger explains why conventional drug addiction treatment centers are little more than a whole new way to prey on addicts.

Real drug addiction treatment requires a holistic, integrative approach that addresses healing at the body, mind and spirit levels (not just the chemical level).

Podcast Transcript: “If you want an example of crazy insanity in our society that has a very easy fix, look at the addiction, addiction treatment and addiction recovery industries… The whole thing, in the conventional side, is run by the pharmaceutical companies. They are the ones selling the drugs typically that create the addicts – or the alcohol industry. Then they are selling the drugs that claim to treat the addicts, but they are not really treating the addicts because it’s not just a chemical problem. The real problem is more about a deeper issue in the soul, there is something missing in the lives of addicts. They are trying to fill that gap with a chemical, but that chemical can never fill that part of their spirit that needs support, that needs love, that needs community. That’s why the best addiction recovery programs that I’m aware of in America are not the ones run by drug companies, or whatever the drugs are, that replace heroin or try to ween people off of heroin – or whatever the other drugs are. But it’s community based programs.” Listen to the full podcast below:

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Big Pharma’s ADDICTION Racket from NaturalNews on Vimeo.


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