Government-Run Schools Turn Humans Into “Flesh Robots” (Video)

Tuesday, May 30, 2017 by

The Health Ranger explains why government-run schools are primarily designed to churn out obedient, docile conformists and laborers to serve the global elite.

Soon, human laborers will be replaced by robots, and soon after, billions of humans will be eliminated from the global population.

Podcast Transcript: “One of the most important long-term goals of the globalists is to replace human labor with robot labor. Thereby rendering most humans obsolete. They don’t need humans. What they need is some entity to get things done for them. They need essentially slave-workers or obedient workers. Now, until that day comes that robots can take over much of the human labor force, they have schools. That’s right. Public schools are government-run indoctrination centers. ‘What is the real goal of the school system?’ ‘Is it to educate people?’ No. ‘Is it to teach people critical thinking?’ No, of course not. ‘Is it inspire diversity of thought?’ No, it’s to demand conformity of thought. In fact, public schools are nothing more than obedient training centers to turn human beings into controllable ‘flesh bots’ – in other words, biological robots – just long enough until the globalists can roll out the real robots and render most of humanity obsolete…”

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Government-run schools turn humans into “flesh robots” from NaturalNews on Vimeo.


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