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10/12/2017 / By Martin Mavis

What do you call a black man with a gun? “A CITIZEN,” explains the Health Ranger, who encourages more African-Americans

10/12/2017 / By Martin Mavis

The Health Ranger debunks all the lies, deceptions and myths about guns that are being pushed by the fake news

10/11/2017 / By Martin Mavis

Why has the mainstream media suddenly turned against the radical left-wing domestic terrorism group known as “Antifa?” Because they were

10/06/2017 / By Martin Mavis

The Health Ranger shreds the delusional Left’s deranged views on gender, biology and childbirth. The Left has become so incredibly

10/06/2017 / By Martin Mavis

The Health Ranger asks how Americans became so weak-minded and rooted in victimology and snowflakianism when our ancestors were so

10/05/2017 / By Martin Mavis

The Health Ranger asks the philosophical question: Is ANYTHING real these days? When almost every institution is rooted in falsehoods

10/03/2017 / By Martin Mavis

Political parties are insane and tyrannical, but the answer to all politics is rooted in one concept: LIBERTY! Podcast Transcript:

10/02/2017 / By Martin Mavis

Far from honoring free speech, the political Left in America actually despises free speech for those they don’t like. Podcast

10/02/2017 / By Martin Mavis

The Health Ranger eviscerates the liberal term “inequality” with this simple explanation of why everyone’s contribution to society is NOT

10/02/2017 / By Martin Mavis

It’s time to boycott Hollywood and stop funding that hate-filled cesspool of intolerance and bigotry, run by lunatic leftists. Podcast

09/27/2017 / By Martin Mavis

Talk about intolerance! In the LGBT world, gay people are no longer allowed if they’re WHITE, because some LGBT activists

09/26/2017 / By Martin Mavis

It is now becoming apparent that the real act of courage and defiance in our twisted “progressive” society is standing

09/25/2017 / By Martin Mavis

The Health Ranger explains why democracies ultimately COLLAPSE: Because voters keep voting themselves more and more handouts until the entire

09/22/2017 / By Martin Mavis

Notice how Leftists have become the new hate-filled BULLIES of America? They’re filled with rage, intolerance and bigotry, and they