Mueller, Comey and Clinton waging DEEP STATE COUP against Trump (Video)

Tuesday, December 05, 2017 by

The deep state is waging a dangerous political coup against President Trump.

Podcast Transcript: “There’s no longer any question that Robert Muller, James Comey and Hillary Clinton are all deep state, corrupt, treasonous operatives who are trying to stage a deep state coup against the duly elected president of our country – President Trump. Now these people are evil incarnate. Let’s start with Hillary Clinton. How many times did she lie, not just to the FBI, but she lied to the public over and over again about Benghazi, about Russia collusion and just on and on again. They give her the debate questions ahead of time, through CNN and Donna Brazile, she cheats on the debates. They tried to steal the election, they failed. And now they’re trying to stage a deep state overthrow of president Donald Trump. I got to tell you we the people aren’t gonna stand for it. In fact I would say the day is not far off that we the people demand the arrest and prosecution of Robert Mueller and of James Comey, who is a criminal traitor – an anti-American traitor. In earlier time – and I’m not saying this should be done today – but I’m saying in an earlier time, traitors like him would be hanged in the streets. That’s the kind of thing that used to be done in America. It’s not done anymore, but at least he should be prosecuted, indicted and given a fair trial for his crimes and his collusion. He covered up the crimes of Hillary Clinton. He wrote that opinion exonerating Hillary Clinton before he even interviewed her as a witness. He didn’t require her to be under oath so that she could lie, lie, lie – which is all the Clintons ever do. By the way, all those people out there who promoted and supported Hillary Clinton all these years, do you know that you helped defend…” Listen to the full podcast below:

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Mueller, Comey and Clinton waging DEEP STATE COUP against Trump from NaturalNews on Vimeo.


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